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Jex Thoth
Rock & Metal in München

Jex Thoth

Europe 2018

Di. 15.05.18 20:00 Uhr

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3x2 Freikarten
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American band JEX THOTH first appeared in 2007. Emerging under the name Totem , the band released an eponymous EP on Swedish record label I Hate Records . The release was reminiscent of decades past, with dusty hammond organs and fuzzy wah wah guitars, but it was the haunting vocals from singer/band leader (Jex Thoth) that resonated most, and caused casual listeners to stop and take notice . Soon after, they reemerged, renamed JEX THOTH to proudly declare themselves as a band conceived of and lead by a strong woman with a strong vision.

In 2008, the group released a self–titled debut full length to thunderous reviews and was championed as thudding, psychedelic acid rock! The album features a cover version of Bobb Trimble ’s “When the Raven Calls” and artwork by Sami Hynninen of the mighty Reverend Bizarre . This led to the opportunity to lend a song from the album to a split-single with British forefathers of doom, Pagan Altar .

In 2009 the “ Totem” EP was reissued under the new moniker, JEX THOTH , and followed up by a second EP entitled, “Witness ” in 2010. The bands early success preceded any live performances but with the release of “ Witness ”, JEX THOTH finally took to the stage with string of highly anticipated concerts across Europe that culminated in an unforgettable performance at renowned Roadburn Festival in 2010.

After three years of touring, JEX THOTH released their heavily anticipated second LP, “ Blood Moon Rise ” in 2013. Hailed as a flowing tapestry of cursed, psychedelic heavy metal, the album reflected Jex’s expanded vision, while still incorporating celebrated elements from the band's self- titled debut. “ Blood Moon Rise ” was recorded with producer Randall Dunn (Earth, sunn o))), Master Musicians of Bukkake), and features contributions from avant-garde cellist Lori Goldston, pianist Steve Moore, and guest percussionist Phil Petrocelli .

Celebrated for their live performances, as much as for their albums, when you step into the world of JEX THOTH, there exists a feeling of possibility! Beyond the sounds, beyond the songs, their concerts feel important. Seeing J EX THOTH live is invigorating in a way that stays with you long after the music has ended. Transforming spaces through melody and psychedelic sound, Jex’s unmistakable voice guiding the way, this band offers you something greater than it's music, something you can take away with you when you leave.

Even over a decade since the band’s inception, fans old and new continue to turn up in droves. While you can never be sure of what environment to expect walking into a JEX THOTH concert, those in attendance can know with certainty that they will play a part in shaping the experience. If you have the opportunity to go and see JEX THOTH live, seize it!

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