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Improtheater / Amateurtheater in Berlin

Ladies and Gentleman

The Jitterbug (show is in english)

Di. 23.07.19 20:00 Uhr

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Ladies and Gentleman

3x2 Freikarten
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The Jitterbug

People aren’t what they seem. Waking up in the morning, going to work, moving from A to B. But maybe there's something more to it. What could be behind that look? Behind the way they move? What is on their mind? What drives them and their character? Maybe it’s just these things that make their story special.

Join us on a surprising journey into the life of characters created from scratch, based on suggestions from the audience. Ladies and gentleman are going to turn a small gesture into the bigger story.

About us

Ladies and Gentleman are three women and one guy from Berlin, exploring the scope of improv theatre. The four of them playfully combine their skills to become romantic, quirky, lovable and absurd - with their main aim: To tell exciting stories!
Together they create shows based on real emotions combined with nonsense, drama with comedy, and daily life with fantasy. They unleash colorful characters: Fearless heroines, beautiful losers, total nuts or plain and simple people from next door with a genuine desire to fulfill one’s dream.

12,00 € | erm. 8,00 €

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Ladies and Gentleman

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