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Special Screenings in Berlin

Bodies, Games And Territories

The Sexual Diversity Program Morelia, Mexico

Fr. 25.05.18 22:30 Uhr

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Bodies, Games And Territories

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Welcome to the 13th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival Berlin!

Thirteen years of shaping, forming, breaking, discovering and finding, XPOSED is about QUEER FILM in all it’s forms, glory, shame, distaste, trash and beauty. Sometimes it’s all in one and sometimes it’s spread out like Blanche at the Rusty Anchor.

XPOSED was started as a passion project, a passion for Queer Film, for Berlin and the ever expanding possibilities of storytelling within the world of Queer Film­ and the festival remains to this day a passion project. This festival is made by people who enjoy making festivals, who enjoy queer films, filmmakers and queer Berlin, and this is reflected within the programming of the festival.

By not only screening some of the newest films around, XPOSED always mix their programs with new and old films, be it in a short film program or a feature screening with a short. XPOSED enjoys creating programs and these programs can only be created by looking at the queer perspective from all corners of the world, perspectives that challenge normative views, propose an alternate way of thinking, and approach life and story telling from another way.

Created in 2006, the XPOSED International Queer Film Festival has built itself with the aim of creating entertaining, odd, left of centre Queer Film Programs that also in turn eXPOSE the Queer Filmmakers out into the international world of Queer Festivals and beyond. You can only be you when you are truly XPOSED. This festival, in the end, is about and for YOU.

zum Film:
The Morelia Program shows stories of Mexico rarely seen before. From macho men struggling to reject their sexual orientation, to men that turn a tradition into an opportunity to bring their bodies closer together. Intimate narratives that present topics like reconciliation in brotherhood regardless of sexual identity. The affective ties that unite them despite social or religious rejection will prevail. Guilt as the symbol of the expulsion from paradise, "games" that expose the fragility of the body and the territory; and loss in another painful game played by persons trying to defeat the intangible –and tangible– walls between two countries. It is a program that observes and reveals the sexual diversity of Mexican contemporary cinema.

90 Min.

8,50 € | erm. 7,50 €

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