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Romeo & Juliet 🇬🇧

Do. 29.08.24 19:30

By William Shakespeare

3 x 2 Freikarten

How do we want to live and whom may we love? Remain in the known? Hate those who hated our parents, marry those who are our parents' friends? Or everything new? Free love, self-determined life, independent model? In Shakespeare's probably most played tragedy, the love of a young couple tears open old wounds that were never healed, merely covered over - and thus brings to light what could be possible, namely the rapprochement of the hostile families. But peace without sacrifice seems impossible. In this play, utopia and illusion collide cruelly. The struggle of the young generation to show that this does not have to be the case, that utopias can be realized without losses, captivates the audience and touches hidden longings. But who will win in the end? The old or the young? The utopia or the illusion?

Shakespeare enthusiast Leonard's new production picks up on the Renaissance's hunger for life, spirit of exploration and spirit of optimism and transfers them into a theatrical experience for the present. Instead of an inner-aristocratic feud, two principles of life that have always seemed irreconcilable are at war here: Freedom and self-determination compete against the traditions of security, performance and obedience that are stubbornly declared as more valuable values. A play in the best folk theater tradition, brought to the (open-air) stage by a versatile ensemble, full of linguistic richness, fast-paced battle scenes and intoxicating music.

"As the titular couple, Maximilian Wrede and Nadja Schimonsky head up a talented and energetic cast. (...) this production punches considerably above its weight, putting other productions of Shakespeare’s classics at larger, better-funded theatres to shame. (...) this production certainly whips up an appetite for more." Paul Sharratt, ExBerliner on September 10, 2019

Featuring Adrian Stowasser, Astrid Köhler, Benjamin Krüger, Christian Leonard, Claus Blochberger, Nadja Schimonsky, Philipp Myk, Wiebke Acton | Director, translation, play version: Christian Leonard | dramaturgy, assistant director, choirs: Josephine Tietze | music: Bernd Medek | costumes: Petra Wilke | stage design: Thomas Lorenz-Herting | assistance stage design, mask building: Katharina Piriwe | choreography: Gabriela Dumitrescu | fight scenes: Lukas Benjamin Engel | make up: Katharina Buccarello, Josephine Müller



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