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Electro in Berlin


Globus | Tresor

Sa. 30.08.14 23:45 Uhr

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The Globus floor welcomes legendary Chez Damier, from the classic Chicago House/Deep House label Balance he co-founded originally with Ron Trent. In the decades of tireless production and management work on his own label as well as with KMS, and formerly with the historic label Prescription, as well as the French label Distance, Chez Damier wrote house music history with his massive 1992 hit “Can You Feel It”, remixed by numerous internationally famous DJs most notably Steve Bug. Having been solidly integrated in the core group of Detroit underground founders of techno/house, his presence tonight will confirm his current relevance in club music – not to be missed! Ben Vedren is a French musician, producer, DJ and Ableton live teacher. For years now, Ben has been deeply involved in and behind the scenes producing and engineering in partnership with various artists. He recently remixed the classic “Bug in the Bassbin” from Carl Craig on Planet E, and beyond his DJ skills, his musician background naturally guides him to perform live  - as he will tonight. DJ Krime has been in the scene since the 90s, his style is influenced by ghetto tech, acid house, Chicago and Detroit Sounds. With his keen sense of dancefloor-dynamics, Krime always gets the dancing crowd to frenzied levels. French DJ and fellow Balance recording artist Charly Delhom completes the line-up. The Tresor NEXT night welcomes a diverse collection of artists. Jorden Hodgetts is Cleric, a UK composer of stark and futuristic techno with minimal tendencies, and whose latest Wickerman EP is a brilliant earful. Croatia’s Man From The Lab debuted in December of 2012. His three decks sets are characterized by precise and technically demanding transitions. He has had monthly residencies in one of the best underground clubs in the region and wider, ‘Machine Whisper’s’ legendary DHC3. Luis Gonçalves is Lewis Fautzi, a young DJ from Portugal who already has releases on numerous labels including Soma, and whose hypnotic techno sets reveal deep, dark and industrial sounds. Still Deep is Rafael Acón, a young Spanish DJ relocated to the worldwide DJ apex Berlin, honing his style that draws from a dizzying spectrum of influences, settling on dancefloor satisfaction with underground preferences.

Tresor: NEXT
Guest: Cleric (Figure, ARTS/ UK)
Man from the Lab (Croatia)
Lewis Fautzi (Soma Records, Soniculture, Faut Section)
Still Deep (Way to Calypso/ Berlin)

Chez Damier (Balance/ Chicago)
Live: Ben Vedren (Concrete/ Paris)
DJ Krime (Dizzy Tunes/ Berlin)
Charly Delhom (Balance/ Berlin)


23:59 Uhr

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