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VICIOUS RUMORS supp. Extrema (I) & Senses May Whither (Muc)
Rock & Metal in München

VICIOUS RUMORS supp. Extrema (I) & Senses May Whither (Muc)

"Old School"

Mo. 16.06.14 20:00 Uhr

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Is there a more used and abused word in metal music ?

Well, for once, thanks to someone who lived “the old days” and at the time was already sending out BPM counters , the term "Old School" is not used inappropriately.

Extrema have in fact entered the "Fear Studio’s" in Alfonsine (Ravenna) last April 3rd to record a mini-album made of  5 songs, tentatively titled "The Real Old School EP" .

Why this specific title? Because all five songs were written originally in 1987 , shortly after the release of the legendary EP " We Fuckin ' Care" and only one of these songs “saw the light” in an album , "Life" in 1993 ,on the the first full-length album " Tension at the Seams . "

On the new EP the song "Life" will be re-recorded in its original version and will be accompanied by other live classics such as " Child Abuse " and the instrumental " M.A.S.S.A.C.R.O " (both present on the band’s tape "Rehearsal '89 ) , " Tribal Scream "(from " Promo Tape '90) and " Carcasses " , never recorded before but  played live dozens of times.

All songs will be recorded , except for some small re-arrangements, in the brutal version of 1987.

The idea came to guitarist Tommy Massara, while tiding Extrema’s audio archives and while Tommy began  listening to a tape on which there were no notes nor text records of any kind.

" These very rough recordings of a handful of songs that were planned to end on the album before the album ' Tension ... ' and that instead never materialized, “magically” popped out”.

" I was amazed by the speed at which we played even then and I thought it would be fun for us and for the fans to record them nearly 30 years later to hear what we did, when many of those who follow us now, were not even born . It is  possible , however, that their parents could have participated in the ' collective massacres ' at the time  ... if this is not old school what is it then! "

This will also be the first recording session with the band , for our new band member Francesco La Rosa , who recently replaced Paul Crimi on drums. It will be clear why his nickname is " Frullo " Whipper in English!

The release date will be announced soon.

The last studio album of the band "The Seed of Foolishness " was released last May 2013 and has received raving reviews from all around the world.


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