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Tuna Park meets Chili Fries
Electro in Berlin

Tuna Park meets Chili Fries

Tresor | +4Bar

Fr. 13.02.15 23:45 Uhr

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The Tresor Floor welcomes back UK artist Alan Fitzpatrick, a DJ, producer and label manager from the UK who holds high status as a universally respected and in-demand producer, and who remains a core Drumcode artist internationally respected as he tours the world. He is the founder of Brain Damage Recordings and his style stands out from the norm which enables him to collaborate with some of the genre’s most famous DJs. Hans Bouffmyhre is the founder of Sleaze Records that has grown into one of the most respected techno labels in the world. His Secluded moniker productions of deep pounding beats, dubby synth passages and deep soundscapes are another part of this maverick’s profile. At only 25 years old and already with so much experience as a DJ, producer & label manager, the future looks bright for Hans Bouffmyhre. The Tresor Floor also welcomes back BCR’s label head Joseph McGeechan. The Glasgow artist now resides in Berlin and is highly respected in the international underground techno scene: his dystopian, post-punk exploration of techno creates an infectious, unique experience. Upstairs in the +4Bar Schoppen Wittes’ Chili Fries series kicks off for another night of spicey house music. Kris Wadsworth is a regular figure at the most famous nightclubs and discerning parties in the world. Kris is a prolific producer with a vast catalogue of influential, genre-defying EPs since age 17, as well as being one of the most sought-after remixers in the business. An amazingly talented and young don of Detroit house music, he weaves his futuristic yet nostalgically charged dancefloor concept with dubtech and straight forward basslines. Music is the lifeblood of electronic music chameleon Dan Curtin. From his beginnings in early 1990s Cleveland, Ohio to current day Berlin, Germany, the pioneering DJ and producer continues to defy conventions and push boundaries as an integral member of the Mobilee records crew. Dan Curtin’s impressive discography dates back to 1992, with his first releases for Detroit’s 33RPM Records and Belgium’s Buzz Records. He soon inked his own production hub, Metamorphic Recordings, which remains actively committed to quality techno and electronica to this day. Curtin’s unwillingness to restrict himself to a singular style has been instrumental to releases such as his albums Silicon Dawn, Web Of Life and Art & Science on Peacefrog Records, and for influential imprints such as Strictly Rhythm and Sublime.

Alan Fitzpatrick (Drumcode/ UK)
Hans Bouffmyhre (Sleaze Records, Perc Trax/ Glasgow)
Joseph McGeechan (Prosthetic Pressings, Synewave/ Glasgow)

+4Bar (Chili Fries):
Kris Wadsworth (Uranus, Breed/ Berlin)
Dan Curtin (Metamorphics/ US)
Schoppen Wittes (Deep Fried/ Berlin)

23:59 Uhr

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