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Electro in Berlin

Tresor Meets Dangerous Drums

Globus | Tresor

Sa. 20.09.14 23:45 Uhr

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Tresor Meets Dangerous Drums

2x2 Freikarten
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Dangerous Drums returns for their regular slot in our holy halls, and the Tresor Floor rocks with those dangerous rhythms. Spanish DJ Boris Divider is an electronic music producer and video composer from Madrid, and will heat up the decks alongside DD residents including veteran Berlin techno DJ Tanith, as well as DJ Vela, Rollin Thunder and Ed 2000. Upstairs the Rotate night rejoins the Globus spirit, and the beat goes on and on and on. Growing up in central Italy Enrico Mantini spent much of his youth listening records and playing the bass guitar amongst new wave bands. Deejaying professionally since 1987 and producing his own tracks since 1990, Enrico has released about 80 records under various monikers, spacing from house to jazz, hip-hop and drum n bass, selling over 500.000 units and establishing his name in the electronic music scene. Vera is a passionate DJ who evolves and picks up impulses, she follows her intuition rather than trends, and she keeps surprising with unexpected sets that have a humble, female touch. Releasing tracks on a slew of labels, she is also a resident at Robert Johnson Club. Sander Baan, born in the Netherlands and now living in Berlin, is known for his long hour sets; Sander has developed his own unique and versatile blend of sexy, stripped-down house and techno. Co-founding Phonocult Records and sponsoring the Rotate nights in Berlin, he is a popular DJ both on the dancefloor at peak times and at after hours. Andy Kolwes from La Pena records shares the Globus turntables tonight with his slick and urban house groove.

Globus: Rotate
Live: Enrico Mantini (Half Baked/ IT)
Vera (Perlon, Hello?Repeat/ Berlin)
Andy Kolwes (La Pena records, All Inn/ Köln)
Sander Baan (Rotate/ Berlin)

Tresor: Dangerous Drums
Boris Divider (Drivecom/ ES)
Tanith (Tanith.org)
DJ Vela (Dangerous Drums, Solar, bln.fm)
Rollin Thunder (Dangerous Drums)
ED2000 (Dangerous Drums, Solar, bln.fm)

23:59 Uhr

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