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Electro in Berlin

Zagami Jericho (support: Dmitrievna) – wilhelmstr/electronic

Fr. 09.03.18 19:30 Uhr

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Zagami Jericho (support: Dmitrievna) – wilhelmstr/electronic

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Live concert by Zagami Jericho プリンセスグリッチ (CZ)
Support: Dmitrievna (DE)

"Cyberpunk is alive like never before!" The vision of futuristic dystopia, in which technological progress has gone out of control, creating space for troublemakers of all sorts interested in breaking social norms, is being more and more embodied the art of the youngest generation. One of the ear-catching heroines of this wave is the 18 years old winner of the Radio Wave Czeching export project, Zagami Jericho プリンセスグリッチ, whose synthwave shook the Czech alternative scene like a lightning from a clear sky.

While listening to the debut album City Is My Church, it is a no-brainer that the ideas of Zagami Jericho, by real name Lenka Šimůnková, about the future are far from resembling the pictures of interplanetary trips in polished spacecrafts and those of the minimalist high-tech paradise. More likely, it shows us images of sheer decadence set in neon-lit filth of cities jampacked with people, or at times in obscene corners of the cyberspace. Musically, it works as a surprisingly mature blend of synthwave and art-pop, in which catchy tunes are put in clash with noise. If her previous work is often associated with the work of the Canadian singer Grimes, the recently released album Toxikomania might suggest the influence by the London's infamous PC Music label, known for its exaggerated take on electropop, that is currently raising controversy among many electronic-music savvies. On the new album, Zagami opted for a more radical dance scheme built on harsh drum&bass-ish trap-ish beats laced in chiptune and the likes. The melancholy of the first record was newly replaced, or perhaps completed, by aggression.

The waves caused among the Czech music critics have indeed resulted in a great deal of music awards and collaborations. The talent of Zagami Jericho and, primarily, her potential to attract foreign audiences was also noticed by the international jury of Czeching, who granted her the main prize. Under the patronage of the prestigious institution, she is now sent to represent the Czech Republic at the largest showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag in the Netherlands, accompanied by the accomplished Czech producers HRTL and Never Sol, with whom the visitors of the Czech Centre might be familiar for their appearance during last year´s Kreaton Meet-up. Never Sol will perform in the Czech centre in early May, but first you can now come to meet her younger colleague and the rising star Zagami Jericho. Support will be provided by Berlin based producer Dmitrievna. The name modification of the yet-traditional wilhelstr/[un]plugged series reveals a much larger influx of beats than the TZB Gallery is normally used to.

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