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Free Mandela 🇬🇧
Theater in Berlin

Free Mandela 🇬🇧

By Paul Stebbings

Mo. 11.11.19 11:00 Uhr

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3x2 Freikarten
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The American Drama Group Europe presents TNT theatre Britain

The story of heroism  and betrayal, hatred and forgiveness in modern South Africa.
This is  the story of the struggle not only for justice but for peace in a land torn by hatred and violence.  South Africa’s emergence as a multi-racial democracy was little short of a miracle, and that miracle was delivered by one outstanding man: Nelson Mandela. 

Despite the problems faced by South Africa today this story is a model for our divided world. Film and theatre treatments of the imposition and break down of Apartheid  too often gloss over the complex problems  of setting up a multi-racial society in an environment of oppression and violence.  This is not a black and white story. Nelson took his “long walk to Freedom” but the journey did not end at the gates of his prison.  The struggle to build a new  South Africa was mirrored in the struggle to keep his marriage alive,  his desire for reconciliation and sense of self-sacrifice was compromised  by the woman who stood  by him  during so many years of imprisonment.  Winnie’s descent into darkness mirrors her husband’s ascent into the light. But since the story of modern South Africa is also the story of the continent’s only “White Tribe”, the Afrikaners, we also dramatise the story of a Policeman on his own long walk to be able to join  in a multi-racial society. 

These three stories merge into one: the story of modern South Africa and  the  hopes and lessons it can offer us all in a world torn apart by xenophobia and hate.  Nelson Mandela offered us  inspiration but does he offer us a solution?   

Paul Stebbings leads the same artistic team and many of the performers who made the company’s LIFE AND DEATH OF MARTIN LUTHER KING such an international success are reunited on  this epic project.  As Europe and the world tip  toward extremes the triumph of a man who knew how to bring peace through forgiveness cannot be more relevant or dramatic.   

“TNT present  highly effective and charismatic theatre” Village Voice New York “We now need to look to improve and mend our attitudes by understanding that we are all simply people, irrespective of colour, and TNT Britain,  did just that: raise awareness and respect.”.  The Times.

Director - Paul Stebbings
Musical Director - Paul Flush
Producer - Grantly Marshall

23,00 € | Ermäßigt 11,00 €

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