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Di. 30.07.24 20:00

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Entre Trópicos, Bossa FM and SO36 present:

Ana Frango Elétrico, a dynamic and pioneering figure in the new wave of Brazilian music, is set to make her debut in Berlin at SO36 on July 30th.

This performance precedes the release of their third album, "Me Chama De Gato Que Eu Sou Sua / Call Me They That I'm Yours," scheduled for October 20th in collaboration with labels selo RISCO, Mr Bongo, and Think! Records. At just 25 years old, Ana, a Latin Grammy nominee for their previous album, showcases a hyper-creative temperament, contributing to the music scene as a singer, composer, guitarist, and producer.

In their latest album, Ana delves into the exploration of queer love, combining influences from various decades and processing styles. The record features notable Brazilian musicians, including Alberto Continentino, Sergio Machado, and Guilherme Lirio. Ana reflects on the album's essence, stating, "It's an album about musical production and subjective exposure, testing the limits of organic sounds."




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