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Do. 01.08.24 20:00

Berlin Show

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Heavy brass, brutal riffage, pounding drums, cojones, and Spanish urban lyrics that make you wonder „did they just say that?“. Yes they did. They go by the name of ¡PENDEJO!

¡PENDEJO! is a heavy rock band from the Netherlands, founded by two cousins with a history in Latin America. Their music has been described as heavy, addictive, rough and grooving, or as a Spanish critic so eloquently put it: “Heavy rock in Spanish with balls the size of Danny de Vito”. On December 7th 2007 ¡PENDEJO! played its first show in Caracas, Venezuela.

Since that memorable show, the band did numerous tours in Europe and Latin America and shared stages with influential heavyweights like FU MANCHU, KARMA TO BURN, MONDO GENERATOR and HELMET and did support for MONSTER MAGNET on their European tour in 2018.

¡PENDEJO! recorded its fourth full length album ‘VOLCÁN’ with producer Pieter Kloos (Motorpsycho, Ween, Barkmarket, Peter Pan Speedrock) last fall, continuing that wild journey into the area where brass and heavy guitars meet.

‚VOLCÁN‘ was released in March 2023.


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