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The inheritance game

Do. 11.07.24 19:30

Written and directed by Jenny Day

Freikarten schon vergeben

Written and directed by Jenny Day

In the aftermath of the 1929 Stock Market crash, the enigmatic Harold Seymour, renowned owner of a prosperous games company, has left behind a tantalizing inheritance. Seven of his acquaintances are invited to a night of mysteries and puzzles, where solving them is the key to his riches that will save them from squalor. However, only one among them will emerge victorious. Delve into a realm where wealth, passion, and power collide. Who will prevail when the levee breaks and strategic alliances blur love, lust, and betrayal?

THE INHERITANCE GAME is a genre combination of gamified escape-rooms along the lines of “The Devil’s Plan” or “Glass Onion.” The play hits upon economic issues: the characters are all a higher social class – yet differentiated by the kind origin of their wealth – but have lost everything in the crash. The meticulously researched historical fiction explores bisexual life of the time and draws transatlantic connections between the poetry of EB White and “Die Freundin,” a popular lesbian magazine of the Weimar-era. THE INHERITANCE GAME takes place in a world teetering on the brink of change; step into the past and uncover the uncanny parallels between the tumultuous times of one century ago and our own.


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