Tanz in Hamburg

Fake Diamonds

Sa. 24.06.23 18:45

René Reith

2 x 2 Freikarten

Vattenfall Auslosung beendet.


In FAKE DIAMONDS, Hamburg based choreographer and dancer René returns to the dance floors of her past, to gyms, community halls and ballrooms. She dances with and against herself as a former dancer in the competitive sport of Latin American ballroom dancing. On the theatre stage, she remembers touches between dance partners, stern looks from the judges, step sequences and scoring categories. She thinks back to rhinestone-studded dresses, self-tanning lotions and exotic music, to trophies and defeats. In the sparkling glow of fake diamonds, René and her team are now choreographing the old dances anew. With a queerfeminist dance performance, they question sexiste and racist structures in competitive dance, the heteronormative ideal of the romantic couple and binary ideas of winning and losing.


11.00 € - 22.00 €

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