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As You Want It - The Improvised Movie Night

Mo. 16.01.23 19:30

Improv Theatre

2 x 2 Freikarten

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In their home cinema, Tony has all the films that have ever been made – in fact, they have every film you could possibly ever imagine. Every night will have a new film be made up right in front of the audience’s eyes, based on their suggestions. The script written at the same time it is spoken, music composed at the same time it is being played, lights programmed at the same time they are being employed.

„as you want it“ is a fast-paced, fun and entirely unpredictable Improv Show that will provide audiences with plenty of laughter, awe and possibly heartbreak. Join us each night for a play that has never been seen before and will never be seen again, directed by you, the audience.


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