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Fr. 23.11.18 20:00

Gastspiel von und mit Circus Ferus (Poland)

1 x 2 Freikarten

Despite the deep transformation that family has been undergoing during the last decades, this institution has still remained the most fundamental social unit, determining greatly who we are as people and society. This is  why we wish to take a closer look at the structure and family relations, and at the same time inquire into the  generation perspective.

We want to consort with the family taboo.

We want to discover family secrets.

We want to experience the toxic family.

We want to feel the family support.

We want to pay tribute to family, as it deserves it.

Because it is the most important (despite all)?

Because it is where we come from?

Because we cannot break away from it?

Because what happens at home stays at home?

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12.00 €

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