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Contrebrassens & Michael Wookey

Sa. 18.11.17 21:00

13. Weltmusiktage

3 x 2 Freikarten

Michael Wookey performs perfectly
eccentric melancholic songs, ranging from blues stomps with just voice
and feet, to Game Boy-tinged electronica. It’s hard to put it in to
words, but his voice is what binds it all together. He will be alone on
stage with his banjo, chains, toy piano and sampler.

und Pauline Dupuy (Contrebrassens) met for the first time in 2011 in a
rustic barn in the French countryside. Pauline was recording double bass
and vocals for Michael's last album "Submarine Dreams". The artistic
and personal link was immediately present. Since then they have
collaborated on many projects, played in large formations and as a duo.
They have shared the stage multiple times in France andGermany with
their respective projects.


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14.00 €

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