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Theater in Berlin

Brave New World

Aldous Huxley’s science fiction masterpiece

Fr. 19.10.12 20:00 Uhr

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Brave New World

2x2 Freikarten
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BRAVE NEW WORLD is probably the most prescient and powerful science fiction novel ever written. Its vision of the future is far more persuasive than ‘1984’ or FAHRENHEIT 451 (its rivals for the sci-ficrown). For BRAVE NEW WORLD presents us not with a world dictatorship where the individual is crushed, but a world where the individual has everything but nothing of true value, a world not of the enslaved but where we enslave ourselves in pursuit of materialism, fashion, lust and narcotics. Huxley’s nightmare is a mirror of our own dream; a world where science delivers everything we could want and nothing of any true value. And science also replaces the random with the planned, genetic engineering

is extended to humanity itself. But dissent exists and a survivor from a previous world bursts into this materialist paradise. Suddenly, culture, truth and love become possible again and all hell is let loose. BRAVE NEW WORD is a thriller, a love story, a satire, an exercise in philosophy, a moral lesson and a truly funny comedy that ends in tears. Huxley’s masterpiece is one of the iconic books of modern literature and one of the few novels’ whose title has passed into the English language. The story follows the fortunes of several Alphas in the near future – Alphas being the genetically engineered and cloned leaders of society. The Betas, Gammas and Deltas are at their service. But one Alpha, Bernard Marx, is a misfit. He starts to question society’s values almost by mistake. Bernard discovers a so called “Savage” on a deserted island. The Savage has the world’s last book, the works of Shakespeare. The combination of Bernard’s mould breaking curiosity , the power of the book and the

Savage’s need for love, threaten to bring down the whole edifice of society. But the powerful are not going to allow that to happen, are they? The battle is on and it is played out to a bloody end. TNT, directed by Paul Stebbings, revive their highly successful production for a European tour in 2012/13. Now that we are closer to Huxley’s imagined future we can give it a shape, form and feel. It is not far off! So our setting is only just in the future and reflects our current world. This is a dynamic and exciting theatrical event that combines a specially composed electronic score by Paul Flush with powerful physical theatre, choreographed dance, startling imagery, tragedy, comedy and even a dash of reality TV. ADG and TNT invite you to a truly extraordinary theatrical event that questions how our own world and its shallow values will shape the future.

Paul Stebbings - Director

18,00 € I erm. 9,00 €

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