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Electro in Berlin

Berlin Atonal Aftershow

Tresor | Globus

Sa. 23.08.14 23:45 Uhr

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Berlin Atonal Aftershow

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The second Atonal after party kicks off in the basement with Blueprint favourite Sigha. The alias of London-based techno producer James Shaw, Sigha also provides remixes for a wide range of labels including CLR, Mikrowave, Metalheadz, Echocord, Steadfast and Sudden Drop amongst others. Diagonal UK artist Powell joins the line-up, as does Neel after his Atonal performance. The Italian producer creates fast-paces and highly technical ambient techno, collaborating as well with Donato Dozzy as the massively acclaimed Voices From The Lake. Neel’s output has already earned his reputation at the vanguard of meticulous, shapeshifting and hypnotic techno, certainly adapting to the dancefloor tonight. Live in Globus: stalwarts of Manchester’s Modern Love imprint, Andy Stott forged a partnership with Miles Whittaker (from Pendle Coven and Demdike Stare) in 2008 to create luscious dubby techno as Millie & Andrea, released solely through ML’s sister label Daphne. Tonight is their first live show in Berlin since the release of their highly acclaimed collaborative album. Vessel is the pseudonym of 22 year-old Bristolian Sebastian Gainsborough, a member of Bristol’s Young Echo collective which has quietly established itself as boundary-pushing purveyors of dub, drone and bass-influenced music. Having only been producing for a few years Vessel rose to prominence in 2011 through acclaimed releases for Throwing Snow’s fledgling label left_blank, along with a sold out cassette release for Rekordah’s boutique imprint Astro-Dynamics. And with fellow Young Echo colleagues Jabu and El Kid the three kick out an extraordinary live set as Killing Sound. Cutting-edge, state of the art, compelling and modern electronic music tonight via Tresor Club.

Sigha (Our Circula Sound, Avian/ UK)
Powell (Diagonal/ UK)
Neel (Prologue/ IT)
+ more TBA

Live: Millie + Andrea (Modern Love/ UK)
Live: Vessel (Tri Angle/ UK)
Live: Killing Sound aka Vessel, Jabu & El Kid (Young Echo, Blackest Ever Black/ UK)
+ more TBA

23:59 Uhr

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