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Rock / Pop / Indie in München


Live on stage!

Do. 27.12.12 20:00 Uhr

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2x2 Freikarten
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They are proud to be brilliant, earthy, hard-swinging, rebellious Boogoos, the dynamic musical movement of which Lex Volt is the acknowledged leader. The Boogoos indicate the development of an exciting new sound combining contemporary African spirit with modern funk from America. But back to the beginning of the Volt sto    ry. It's unbelievable. Volt insists that he decided to play congas watching the seasonal players of the English Garden when he was 13. Volt was not breaking academic records when he was bitten by the brass bug. Father Wolfi Schlick, the headmaster of the Express Brass Band, was so relieved to find that his charge was showing signs of life that he rushed out and begged a conga from a local merchant.

The career was launched. Lex has never looked back. Volt is one of those legendary self-taught "naturals". After a few years of drumming behind the barn, he was playing in the clubs and street bands of Munich. His appearences were frenetic, violent, delirious - like harlem in the 20's or Al Capone's Chicago. They play wonderful tunes of their own and great material from the vaults - all in a pathbraeking afro-funky way. You just have to experience them for yourself. On the 27th of December they come back to their homebase with a bag full of new arrangements, pledging to repeat the frenzy of their last show in Munich before a handsomely appreciative audience at s.p.e.c.t.r.e.'s Atomic Café in autumn 2010. This club has superb acoustics and has been the scene of some of the most important entertainment events in recent years.

10,00 €

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