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The Airbourne Toxic Event
Musik & Party in Berlin

The Airbourne Toxic Event


Di. 08.02.11 20:00 Uhr

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3x2 Freikarten
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"The sound of F1 trucks down an apocolyptic wormhole. Monstrous" NME 8/10
"Lyrics full of the best fiction's emotional resonance... tracing a historical line from The Strokes to The Killers,
yet also marking this band's own great leap forward." Q 4/5
"TATE's debut touches on Stooges garage rock, sultry blues, Strokesian pop all swaddled
in opulent Americana." Uncut 4/5
"The debut album is packed with widescreen rock of a very high quality" The Guardian 4/5
"A band just on the cusp of becoming a fully-formed force to be reckoned with" The Fly
"A tragic record of turmoil set to towering pop blasts; an emotive hurricane is upon us" Clash 7.5/10

2008 saw The Airborne Toxic Event bring their brand of classic guitar popsmithery “Poetry you can dance to” to the UK. The band played 30 shows in 30 nights in the November of that year, in what has now become a legendary set of gigs including their thunderous Tuesday night Camden Dublin Castle residencies. It became THE Tuesday Night Club and every week no matter where the routing had taken them, the band would journey across the UK to make their 9.30pm slot in Camden Town. This hard grafting, road warrior, superhuman effort won the hearts, minds and ipods of thousands of fans across the UK and the band went from being total unknowns to hitting the UK Top 30 album chart whilst they were still unsigned in this country. Now over a quarter of a million album sales later The Airborne Toxic Event are proud to announce:
February 2011 will see the band attempting a totally unique and possibly record breaking
taking in 6 different countries with three simultaneous residencies in Holland, Germany and France every week of the month.
Monday nights you’ll find us starting the week as we mean to go on: wasted in Amsterdam. Tuesday are wieners and draught in Berlin and Fridays belong to Paris. Ah Paris. The rest of the week The Airborne Toxic Event will be shuttling between other dates in London (TATE have been invited by HMV to play their Next Big Thing Festival. Heaven is a place on earth But also the largest venue on the tour), Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. This will be to herald in their second album which can be expected in April 2011. Details to be announced.

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