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Rock & Metal in Berlin

TYRANTS & KINGS + Jesus Volt

Live im White Trash

Fr. 07.12.12 22:00 Uhr

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TYRANTS & KINGS + Jesus Volt

3x2 Freikarten
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Tyrants & Kings are ready with their 2nd album! Fans of Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, Blue Cheer, AC/DC, The Brew, Led Zeppelin, Free, CCR and Wolfmother will for sure get their expectations fulfilled. Tyrants & Kings raised from the ruins of the ambitious "Royal Highness" first as a as a country-folk band, but the singer, Dennis Kasten's, great rock voice could not be held down, and now a beautiful Danish rock band is born. The album contains loads of noise and power, lots of eager to play, great rock songs - all played by the strongest playing band in Denmark. They make noise, they laugh, they play, they bare their souls...

In brief: an album filled with both intensity and enthusiasm. Tyrants & Kings are back at the origins where it was necessary to have good songs to record an album. Everything is recorded on analog equipment in a homemade studio in Copenhagen: Well-written, wellplayed and 100% pure rock ´n´ roll. Lead singer and guitarist, Dennis Kasten, says: "Our debut was a folk-rock-album marked by an extremely dark view on life. On Phosphor Anthems our perspective on life is still pitch-black - we just took away the folk and added more guitar." He continues: "Phosphor Anthems is a gloomy and noisy rock ´n´ roll album, that will appeal to all lovers of rock ´n´roll". Tyrants & Kings is a band, that loves playing live whenever there is a stage and a couple of speakers available, so you will for sure be able to find them at a venue near you. Tyrants and Kings is: Dennis Kasten (Vocals and Guitar), Mads Valther (Drums), Jens Larsen (Bass), Rune Højmark (Guitar).


5,00 €

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