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Rock & Metal in Berlin


Live im White Trash

Do. 04.10.12 20:00 Uhr

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3x2 Freikarten
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Finally! 11 tracks make up ”Dirty Sheets” the long anticipated sophomore album from Thee Attacks. And they are so ready for the world.

The four young musicians have been favorites of both David Fricke from Rolling Stone (US) and Kieron Tyler from MOJO (UK). Thee Attacks have travelled half the world with a live show that never ceases to overwhelm both audience and critics,. They have played at Roskilde Festival, SXSW, Canadian Music Week, Reeperbahn Festival and Eurosonic. With countless miles in the tour bus, by train and in the air, Thee Attacks have been saying hello and goodbye to US, UK, Canada, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Spain, Portugal and France during the past two years. The expectations are high – and “Dirty Sheets” will not let you down.

Jimmy Attack’s brutally honest vocal and the competent and catchy guitar riffs from Terry Attack are brilliantly accompanied by Ritchie and Johnny Attacks’ resolute hold on the rhythm. Together the four young men stand stronger, groovier and heavier than ever. This is Thee Attacks in their finest shape: this is super rock (as David Fricke labeled it).  With the distinct retro sound put in the background, Thee Attacks are back with a more classic, muscular and – dare we say – sexy sound, which refers to punk rock, glam, classic heavy, rock and blues. Wreckage from Velvet, Zeppelin, Slade, Sabbath, Stooges, Ramones and Sonics are present, and with numerous present-day sources of inspiration, such as Eagles of Death Metal, Blues Explosion, Black Keys, White Stripes and Hives, Thee Attacks take super rock to the next insisting level.



3,00 €

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