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Rooftop Runners + Bunny Suit
Jazz, Blues, Funk & Soul in Berlin

Rooftop Runners + Bunny Suit


Sa. 13.07.13 22:00 Uhr

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Rooftop Runners
Forging a mix of menacing mood & moving melody out of their adopted city Berlin, RTR are Canadian brother duo Benedikt & Tobias MacIsaac. From the Far Left Coast of Canada via underground East Berlin, the music of Rooftop Runners blends darkness and light. Their sound features electro and organic beats with dynamic instrumentals equalized by soulful vocals. Benedikt and Tobias MacIsaac are a Cain and Abel act. They are an acutely alternative band of brothers. The duo’s sound is energized, characterized by dynamic movement. Benedikt is also an internationally-accomplished choreographer and Tobias is a dance professional.
If it hadn’t been for Mark Zuckerberg’s invention, better known as Facebook, and a chance meeting at the Open Mic L. J. Fox, I probably wouldn’t have stumbled upon these guys. Rooftop Runners, as they call themselves, are a band that has caught my attention from the first beat. Producing the kind of unique music that instantly grabs you, it’s very likely that you’ll play the songs over and over again as each one become what the Germans refer to as an ear worm. A lovely affliction.

Bunny Suit
Bunny Suit was born on a former spy's houseboat in London, which after being converted into a live-in recording studio, slowly sank in the muddy waters of the Thames. Relaunching under the name Bunny Suit, the collective of international musicians have incorporated trumpets, percussionists and dirty electronics in to their trademark avantgarde blues/trash compositions.

„Between Nick Cave and Tom Waits......as despicable and bluesy as
promised. 4/5“ (album review - Zitty Berlin)

„The dramatic, trickster-like nature of Tom Waits and the melancholy
and vocal ease of Jeff Buckley...and then, just when you think you
know where the song is going, they’ll surprise you.“ (Indie Berlin)

„An exquisite, chaotic and almost orchestral arrangement“ (Star FM)

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