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Pop & Hip Hop in Berlin

The Hoochie Koo

@ Bassy Club

Sa. 17.09.16 22:00 Uhr

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The Hoochie KOO • Start of the 2nd season, feat. Earl Zinger (Lndn), HiHi Gogo, La Viola Vixen - hosted by Don Rogall

Berlin's premier event for early Rock'n'Roll, Rhythm'n'Blues and related. The roots of club-music.
What ? Think NY Peppermint lounge late 50s, transported into now. It's a spirit. From Juke-Joint sound to Jamaican Soundsystems of early 50s, with american Jump-up Blues and Jive, to Bongo Rock, Mod or one-man band Garage sound to simple RocknRoll. Counter culture.
Hoochie Koo presents a unique Soundsystem (Dj/MC/Sax etc.)- original Gogo dancers, international Burlesque and live music acts. It's a living film set. Hosted by Don Rogall, creator of the new Bassy Compilation.

Line Up
Big Room:
Earl Zinger & Don Rogall (original 50's Soundsystem)
feat. Jules Kiss + Joey B. Carter
HiHi GoGo
with Gogobamboo Chika (Japan) & Mama Ulita (Leipzig)

Bump'n'Grind Burlesque
with Viola La Vixen

Special Burlesque guest:
La Viola Vixen: Queen of the Quiver! Viola is known across the globe for her ground shaking shimmy and striking stage presence, said to be a vision of golden age burlesque brought to life before your very eyes. Performing sassy stripteases in the world’s most notorious festivals and cabaret cities since 2006 and on top of that she is a co-producer of the Berlin Burlesque Week.

Special Gogo - guest:
Mama Ulita : Im Juni 2014 erhielt sie den Ritterschlag für ihre Kunst und folgte der Einladung zur Burlesque Hall of Fame nach Las Vegas, um als erste deutsche Burlesquetänzerin in der Geschichte im weltweit renommiertesten Showcase, dem Tournament of Tease zu debütieren. Mama Ulita ist Showgirl, Producer, Gründungsmitglied der Lipsi Lillies und Motor der sächsischen Burlesque Szene.

DJ and host. In 3 decades, Rogall played more than 1500 Dj-sets at about 200 different venues in 16 countries all over Europe. "He's one of the best Djs in town” - Tip Magazine Berlin wrote, already in 1996. Working the turntables for about 26 years, Don became one of the most experienced DJs in Germany. The selection is incomparable and packed with highly in-demand tunes. For 2016, Don puts together a compilation, The Sound Of Bassy Volume 2.

Vocals, from London - GB.
Earl Zinger started his career in late forties New York. A well respected crooner of his day, he plied his trade up and down the bars of 52nd Street. He had already been credited with initiating many of the dance steps of the time such as the 'Harlem Stride' or the better known 'Manhattan Rhumba' when he teamed up with various songwriters. Through these liaisons Zinger penned some of the best known ballads of the day. At the same time he was introduced by female singer Verdeen Anderson to a group of young writers. These were names that were later to have a profound effect on the American cultural psyche. Figures such as William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac all became close friends with Zinger. 
In the early sixties he was introduced to a young singer called Robert Zimmerman. Through a deep mutual respect, young Robert trusted Zinger's advice and changed his name to Bob Dylan. This provided Zinger with an opportunity to play keyboard on two of his albums of that time - 'Freewheelin'' & ' The Times They Are a Changin', as well as contributing lyrics to a plethora of his tunes. Collaborations with Motown, Atlantic and Stax artists kept him busy until a trip to Jamaica where he met both nascent and established talent such as Coxsonne Dodd, King Tubby, U-Roy, Big Youth, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Lee Perry and, later, a young Bob Marley.

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