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Pop & Hip Hop in Berlin

Rooftop Runners & The Great Escape

Two bands tonight

Di. 23.04.13 21:00 Uhr

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Rooftop Runners  & The Great Escape

2x2 Freikarten
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Forging a mix of menacing mood & moving melody out of their adopted city Berlin, RTR are Canadian brother duo Benedikt & Tobias MacIsaac.
From the Far Left Coast of Canada via underground East Berlin, the music of Rooftop Runners blends darkness and light. Their sound features electro and organic beats with dynamic instrumentals equalized by soulful vocals.
Benedikt and Tobias MacIsaac are a Cain and Abel act. They are an acutely alternative band of brothers. 
The duo’s sound is energized, characterized by dynamic movement. Benedikt is also an internationally-accomplished choreographer and Tobias is a dance professional.
2012 saw RTR release their debut EP “We Are Here” and two supporting music videos to critical acclaim. The band also toured the UK, Switzerland and Germany, including a performance at Club NME.
With a full-length album in production, the brothers are ready to shout from the rooftops.

The Great Escape is a band consisting of two brothers and two of their friends. They rehearsed together in the current constellation for over a year. Musically, The Great Escape are happy to refer to hero such as The Beatles and Brecht. With melodies from the pope and the energy of punk, they create a steady sound mat with catchy melodies and choruses combined with thoughtful lyrics.

6,00 €

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