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Theater in Berlin

Tom Sawyyer

Adapted from Mark Twain’s novel by Paul Stebbings

Fr. 14.02.20 11:00 Uhr

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Tom Sawyyer

3x2 Freikarten
schon vergeben

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Tom Sawyer is one of the best known novels written in the United States. It traces the
fortunes of the roguish boy Tom, his adventures, hopes, fantasies, romances and his
harsh collision with a very adult world of greed and murder. The book is a thriller and a
comedy, an exploration of youth and a rich picture of rural life in nineteenth century
Mississippi. The novel is ideal material for a stage adaptation as it is full of action and
every scene is centred around one character: Tom Sawyer, perhaps the most
engagingyouth in American literature.

TNT approach this story with the verve and dynamism that has made their work so
popular across the globe. This is fast and furious physical theatre, where comedy switches
to gripping thriller and back again to romance. Tom Sawyer is not the only extraordinary
character in this tale: there is the outcast lad Huckleberry Finn, the ever perplexed Aunt
Polly – half mother half teacher, the murder Bad’n Joe (rescued from the casual racism of
the time in this version) and there is Becky: a girl wise beyond her years who falls for
Tom while keeping her balance.

The creative team of Gaspard Legendre and Paul Stebbings have a long experience of
working together on productions such as NOTRE DAME and LE PETIT PRINCE, and the play
will include an powerful and lyrical musical score by composer John Kenny. The
production follows on from TNT’s long association with the American repertoire with
MOON PALACE and DEATH OF A SALESMAN. Mark Twain was one of the great story
tellers in the English language, a writer who knew how to balance the comic with the
serious and bring a smile to his audience even as he drew them towards deeper truths.
This dramatisaton of what may be his finest work will offer the audience a thrilling
performance that explores the essence of modern America.

Director - Gaspard Legendre
Original Score - John Kenny
Producer - Grantly Marshall

Wichtiger Hinweis:
Diese Veranstaltung ist in englischer Sprache!

23,00 € | Ermäßigt 11,00 €

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