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Theater in Berlin

Dirty Granny Tales


Fr. 18.01.13 20:00 Uhr

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Dirty Granny Tales

1x2 Freikarten
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Dirty Granny Tales was formed in Athens, Greece, in 2005. The ambitious project started off when the composer and animation creator Stavros Mitropoulos was inspired to create a musical and theatrical spectacle, in which musicians, dancers, puppets and animation would coexist on the stage, provoking a dark expressionistic sensation to the audience. The company consists of five musicians, dancers and puppet players and made its debut in Athens in 2006 with a performance titled "Inversed World". The experiment was successful; audiences were captivated and press and critics were impressed. In 2008 the album "Inversed World" was released and sold out in no time. In 2009 they performed their new show "Didi's Son" and in 2010 their new homonymous album and DVD "Didi's Son" came out. In the same year they started presenting the third part of the trilogy "Jealous", the story of "Didi's Son" from a different point of view. In 2011, "Rejection", a grand production show, was presented in large theater halls and received dithyrambic critiques. The company so far has performed in the greatest Greek theatre stages and in international festivals across Europe. The last concerts took place at Badminton Theater, the largest theater in Athens, and both shows were sold out. In 2012 the company moves to Berlin and a new chapter in its history begins.

Dirty Granny Tales' performances consist of the combination of music, puppet theatre, animation and dance. They bring to life atmospheric, otherworldly fairy tales using the symbolic languages of all these arts. Musicians with acoustic instruments such as guitar, mandolin, bass, cello, piano, percussion and character voices, tell the stories while dance, puppets and animation mold the dark fairy tales of the Dirty Granny on stage. The company's shows attract a wide range of spectators, of various ages, of many music styles and of different art fields' preferences.

10,00 € | erm. 8,00 €

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