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Jazz, Blues, Funk & Soul in Berlin

Bassy Blues & Balboa

Shuffle & Slowdrag Night

Di. 19.08.14 22:00 Uhr

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Bassy Blues & Balboa

2x2 Freikarten
schon vergeben

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Shuffle & Slowdrag Night
Balboa floor: Paint it Back + Romino Power
Blues floor: Jacky Blue + Slava
free Balboa and Blues Taster (9:00/9:30 pm)

Every tuesday music and dance enthusiasts unite at Bassy to party like in New Orleans when Jazz was about to be born. It’s a weekly event that is designed to completely satisfy your listening pleasure. Dive into music that makes your heart sing: Hot Jazz, Dixieland, Western & Nola Swing, Gospel, Folk (Delta), New Orleans, St. Louis and Urban Blues…
The music will be carefully selected by varied live acts (every first tuesday of the month) and DJs from Berlin or elsewhere. And no matter which mood you might be in (be it enjoyably sad and bluesy or completely crazy) they all have one goal: to make you dance.
Have a drink, listen and watch the Berlin Swing Scene go wild - or get yourself on the dancefloor and join the pleasure. For those who don’t dare to dance with a partner yet there will be free tasters held by Anna & Matze (aka Dr. Sketchy) from Brave New Balboa and Blues Cat Leanna to get you in the mood…

9:00 pm free blues taster at the lounge
9:15 pm balboa floor ready to shuffle
9:30 pm free balboa taster at the lounge

About Balboa
Balboa is a full body contact swing dance that is danced to rather fast music. It evolved in the 20s in California and was THE thing to do through the 30s up to the 40s - and nowadays all over the planet. It’s the coolest and smoothest dance in the world - so you can leave your head on while your feet are getting crazy… Balboa is super suitable for moving sophisticated or even dead drunk to all types of Dixieland, hot jazz, big band, western, nola or other obscure swing music - even gospel! And in it’s slow form you can also express your love for blues (or your partner) with this delicate dance. In other words: you should learn it.

About Blues
Blues Dancing is a family of historical dances that developed alongside and were danced to blues music. As the variety of Blues music is great, so are the styles of this dance: It started from solo movement (tribal/african-american dances), but with time, influenced by surroundings and copying the white dancers, evolved as a couple dance.
Today it’s danced in full body contact allowing people to enjoy the dance from the most basic form and up to the most "Peacocking” moves.

Movement in Blues as well as in Balboa are lead by the music and the partner - both can be expressive using the principal "call and response” which opens a whole new world of non-verbal communication…

21:00 Uhr

22:00 Uhr

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